To Tell My Mother’s Story

In 2018 I visited Jamaica, after nearly twenty years, with my dear friend Christine. It was a bittersweet experience and I was quite literally disoriented at times trying to reconnect dots as floods of memory, emotions and associations overwhelmed me. So much had changed of my beloved island…But she was as gorgeous as ever! (I write of this visit in three extended earlier posts)* – ‘Going Back Home: Pt. 1- Why you can’t “just do it”‘ , ‘Pt.2- Unpacking the Baggage‘, ‘Pt. 3a- Dining to the Tune of “Auld Lang Syne‘.

However, the sweetness of precious friends, like Maxi and Inez Small had survived the years and they drove us across country in search of my mother’s hometown, Sandside, Port Maria, St. Mary. I needed a heart connection along with details and visuals to undergird the book I have commenced writing based on her humble origins and lessons I am sure that the Divine Story-teller has woven into hers, and now my own, life-journey. Please pray for me as I resume this writing project, which was interrupted by ‘covid world’ and our current migration experience from the US to Europe.

Meanwhile, fellow member of the Jamaican diaspora, New Creation worship Singer, and Jazz musician in her own right, Cheryl Spence-Lindsay, featured Port Maria, St. Mary on day 46 of her ‘Round the World in 60 days’ FB celebration of her 60th Birthday this year! I hope you enjoy its unique flavor as much as I did.

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