So, in the parlance of the Jamaican oral tradition,

“Riddle-me dis

Riddle -me dat

Guess me dis riddle and par’haps not!’’

Translated: “Tackle this puzzle with me and see if you can figure out its meaning or not!”— What do you call a middle-aged, empty-nesting couple, hit by wonder-lust, (not wander-lust), stepping out of the boat and landing in the hinterlands of …wait for it…Germany?!!

Do you give up?! —“Claude and Denise!!!” Yes! Us! Me and the hubster! We are in Germany for the next few years! What started out as a necessary job development move has blossomed into a full-blown, fresh “Yes!” to the One who said, “Follow Me..!”. So we have stepped out of the Proverbial boat and have found amazing grace carrying us along. We are looking at each other and wondering…“ So…how are we doing this?!“

We are burning no ships behind us, much to the comfort of our loved ones back home in the US. However, we have found ourselves in the glorious company of those dreaming dreams again, catching fresh visions and singing new songs along the foot-paths and neighborhoods of a small but developing German town, language and translator apps in hand!

There is more than just the sun rising here in Germany—it’s also the Glory of the Lord! The church bells ring regularly; chirping birds flit by; a distant donkey brays. The rain falls. Sleek modern windmills grace the tops of hills, as do solar panels the roofs of homes of austere modern design, as well as surly turrets of tree smothered castles. Ancient forests skirted by copious black-berry bramble, watch as school-children, horse-drawn carriage, construction crane, and tractor travel a long asphalt road snaking its way lazily between harvested fields freshly tilled to receive the Fall rains—Ordinary time, ordinary people, on whom His glory rises.

Wonder with us about His ways as we wander the pathways He opens before us!

Auf Weidersehen!!

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