A Jamaican Notable Takes Culture to the Woodshed

I am ‘shoring up’ the Jamaican side of my ‘cross-culture’ this season! Re-connecting with friends and family, too long missed or even never before met! Studies and a temporary sojourn abroad have eaten up almost a year before I realized it!

The triumph of Jamaica’s athlete’s in the Tokyo Olympics, the island’s courageous battle against the Covid virus, as well as the strong spiritual undergirding of Faith in face of the worldwide economic crisis, have been inspiring to watch. Jamaica’s leaders on all fronts, though not perfect by any stretch, have been great, acknowledging the Almighty and constantly inviting the church’s involvement through prayer, in face of difficult social challenges.

One leader in the Arts, though retired, continues to do her part. She is Fae Ellington. At the height of her career, Fae Ellington was a well-loved television newscast personality, actress, and even hosted a children’s program on what was the JBC, the Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation. This week past, Jamaica, ‘land -of-my-birth’, celebrated 59 years of independence from great Britain. Our anthem is the best:

“Eternal Father, bless our land,

Guard us with thy mighty hand;

Keep us free from evil powers;

Be our light through countless hours.

To our leaders, Great Defender, grant true wisdom from above!

Justice, truth be ours forever, Jamaica, land we love!…”

Being 30 years migrant, I was thrilled to view God’s continued grace on Jamaica, and to see some of the best of our culture preserved in the festival surrounding the Emancipation and Independence celebrations from August 1-6, 2021. Best of all is to see that evident in the unconquered spirit of the true ‘black, green and gold’ souls like Fae Ellington—people who still believe in a right and wrong and have the courage to call it out when we see people behaving as though we do not all bear the image of the Creator.

Hear a correction, Jamaican mother style! And more important, let’s all learn from the wisdom of her rebuke!


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