A Whimsical Advent Story that’s Out of This World

An imaginary tale of a little star curious about the Incarnation, takes us to the Throne Room of God and on an Advent Journey with God as tour guide!

Hi! Happy Advent!

Thanks for joining me on a story-telling adventure this magical season, in the best sense of the word! Let’s take a whimsical journey of discovery about interesting Bible references to stars; fascinating astronomy factoids; and enjoy a childlike story that can lead us in simple reflection on Jesus’ coming, past and future!

Many churches across the globe, liturgical or not, lit the first Advent candle on this, the fourth Sunday  before Christmas. It is labelled the candle of Hope. This refers to the hope of mankind’s redemption, promised from the time of our Fall in Eden, and subsequently prophesied by messengers sent by God. This hope is not a wistful, wishful thinking, but a confident expectation reflected in faithful waiting and joyful anticipation of its certain fulfillment. 
The Apostle Paul called it a ‘Hope that makes not ashamed’. (Rom.5:5). A song we sang in church today even more specifically said, “Hope has a name, His name is Jesus!”—The promised Messiah who came and launched that redemption. The commemoration of His first coming and anticipation of His second is what the observation of Advent season is all about.
Those who have tasted of what Jesus’ advents mean find their heads lifted up in hope as Christmastide approaches and lifted up even physically to the heavens, gazing in wonder at the star-sprinkled night sky. 
This year, our third in Germany, I stumbled on the origin of the twenty-six point star, known as the Moravian star. I was hunting online for a gift ornament and came on this treasure, created by the residents of the faith community founded by a major eighteenth century German, Christian leader of Protestantism , Count Nikolaus Zinzendorf of Herrnhutt, Germany. I smiled as I recalled one of my children reminding me year ago as I searched then, that I have repeatedly selected stars as the theme of our Advent and Christmas observances! Hmmm? I wonder why that is? Seems I am about to do it again!

Thoughts of the stars, and the part they have played so far in telling of mankind’s hope and redemption, have filled my own mind again this Christmas. I started to imagine the situation from heaven’s perspective, specifically from that of an imaginary personified little star. One that wondered about earth, God’s great love for it, and what made Him come down.

Twinkle Starts to Wonder

Twinkle* gazed longingly at the vast universe that God had made and wondered. She glided lazily by in the orbit of her family of stars and longed to wander in other parts of the galaxy of her celestial neighborhood, the Milky Way. “I would give up a century or two of twinkling just to visit that one little blue planet.” She sighed. It was no secret that planet Earth was most special to the God-head and Twinkle had developed a need to know why.

“Stay focussed and keep your glow up, Twinkle!” said her father, Bright Starr*, as she began to drift dimly behind. 

As she got her shine back up her mother, Shining Starr*, came alongside them. “It is the most beautiful of the orbs He made, isn’t it.?”

“It sure is!” Twinkle answered eagerly. “Mom, why can’t we visit the blue planet?” 

“Twinkle Starr, you know why; what was the first lesson you learned in the Celestial Halls?” Her father asked. 

“I know! I know!” spoke up her little brother, Sparkle*. “And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and…and…” he faltered.

“…And the lesser light to rule the night:… and the stars also!”** Twinkle finished, rolling her eyes and glowering at her brother. Turning back to her parents, she persisted, “But do we have to rule with the moon… from so faaarrr away?”

“Our orbits await and serve the Divine purpose, from right where we are, until the Fathers’ great plans steer us elsewhere.” He said.***

“Twinkle, Your father and I long to know more about the special planet too. But we have shone long enough to know that the best place for us is right where the Father has placed us, till His ever-brightening purposes bring us to wherever He has for us next! And we have never been disappointed to see His outcomes.”   Shining ended with a flashy glow. 

“Remember, children, stars that leave their assigned orbit fall apart, burn out, and become a danger to others. The Heavenly Father’s command is our protection.” With that, father Starr concluded the conversation. 

With one more longing glance Twinkle settled back into her family’s orbit and glided on in their ceaseless round way beyond Earth’s night sky.


2. Announcement of the Ages

The next morning, during celestial hall assembly, Twinkle glowed up excitedly, because one of the great angels had arrived with an important announcement. The special message was to be delivered to several constellations including all the stars visible from Earth’s night sky. Even the parent stars were all gathered in the great hall of the second heavens along with the students. The light of this one, fresh from the Throne Room on the holy Shining Sea, outshone them all. As he presented, emanating God’s holy light above them, everything settled into a reverent vibrating hum.

“The appointed time is near!” reverberated the melodious voice of the great herald, Michael. “The Heavenly Father’s redemption plan for the blue planet is moving into readiness and fulfillment! The time written from ages past, in the midst of eternity, is even now upon us!”

As the realization of what was unfolding filled the heavens, a rapturous harmony began to ripple from the outer edges of the gathered stars and rolled over the Hall like a crashing wave. As it was written, the morning and the evening stars sang the high praises of God together! Uttering speech and showing forth His handiwork, they declared God’s glory and the knowledge of the Holy One as His plan to demonstrate His love towards the small blue planet unfolded. *(Job 38: 4-7)

Obedience was immediate: Hosts of angels, even then, could be seen moving about the Galaxy and beginning to get into place. There were enemy forces, principalities and powers to thwart in their efforts to sway the vulnerable creatures who were the focus of God’s love in the entire created order. There were human servants of the Heavenly Father to be ministered to, to be aided towards possession of the right place in heart, space and time, as the Spirit of God moved upon the Earth. As the issuing of the era’s announcements and assignments proceeded, the angels and stars were so commingled that the little stars could hardly tell the difference between their parents and the angels, as Heavenly glory shone all around!

The beaming celestial beings— the Father’s shining messengers, were receiving specific missions. All was focussed now on the small, beautiful, but much-troubled earth: Those who were appointed to minister on behalf of the Father’s faithful servants were going with messages in special visitations! Other messengers would guide scholars—religious and secular, providing them with open-eyed daytime visions and illumination of holy prophecy— as they studied ancient writings and constellations visible from earth; other messages would be borne on dreams of the night. Finally, one mode of announcement, never before employed and yet to be revealed to the lesser stars, was being discussed in a small gathering of the head stars and makers of heavenly music in the celestial halls. This group included Twinkle and Sparkle’s teacher, Maester Star. Meanwhile, swifter than thought and brighter than lightning, messengers flashed away on their assignments. Stars and angels alike marveled as the plan was unfolded, wondering at the love of the Holy One for Earth’s beings— created in His Image and bearing His breath of life within them. 

~~~(To be cont’d next week!)

  • *Isa. 40:26 speaks of God creating the stars, calling them out like a mighty army and each by name.
  • ** Gen. 1:16 God creates the heavenly bodies, including the stars.
  • Astronomy factoid-“Stars are not fixed! They move in the sky over long periods of time. In 20,000 years the Big Dipper will look noticeably different than it does today. Why? The stars of our galaxy orbit in a plane, or sheet, in a plate-like disk geometry, and all orbit around the galaxy at roughly the same speed. But, just like cars on the highway, they have motions relative to one another. They thus appear to move in the sky.”
  • ——#—-#—-

Author: Denise S. Armstrong

e teacher. She gratefully enjoys a thirty-years-strong marriage, which has joyfully produced three offspring. Jamaican by birth, Denise's work reflects her family’s cross-cultural journey. She is a blogger in poetry, short-form essays, ethnic sketches and musicals. Her work has also appeared in The Caribbean Writer--a literary publication of the University of the Virgin Islands, on SA Radio Cape Pulpit’s – ‘Voices of Change’, as well as on Jamaican television. She considers herself privileged to be a contributor to one of today’s most exciting online communities of Christian artists—The Cultivating Project. At present, she resides in Europe.

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