Reclaiming Our Identity In Season

“Jesus laughed a lot! Little children would never have been so drawn to Him had He looked like He had been sucking on lemons!”, I heard one minister express. So, what did it mean for me, that the first personality test I ever did classified me as ‘melancholic’ ?

A grace-filled Autumn season to you!!! It’s a season to re-member who you are, Whose you are, and why you are! (Ask our Jewish friends!)* The community of writers, makers and artists, The Cultivating Project, has put out another harvest of food for the soul. Our Fall ’22 issue uniquely explores themes of ‘authority, purpose and identity’, including my own essay, Joyfully, His ‘Les Miz’. The link will connect you to the essay, archived pieces, and the gamut of Cultivating’s Autumn feast!

(Photo courtesy of ‘Unsplash’)

*Sukkot, the Jewish people’s season of re-membering their miraculous deliverance from Egyptian bondage, ends this weekend! Why not recall and celebrate God’s works of rescue in your own life so far!

Author: Denise S. Armstrong

e teacher. She gratefully enjoys a thirty-years-strong marriage, which has joyfully produced three offspring. Jamaican by birth, Denise's work reflects her family’s cross-cultural journey. She is a blogger in poetry, short-form essays, ethnic sketches and musicals. Her work has also appeared in The Caribbean Writer--a literary publication of the University of the Virgin Islands, on SA Radio Cape Pulpit’s – ‘Voices of Change’, as well as on Jamaican television. She considers herself privileged to be a contributor to one of today’s most exciting online communities of Christian artists—The Cultivating Project. At present, she resides in Europe.

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