Denise with Lauren Jacobs on South African Podcast

Join Denise for a discussion of place, travel and belonging in an interview with Lauren Jacobs, host of the South Africa podcast “Voice of Change”.

Photo by Anne Nygård on Unsplash

Home: a four-letter word that produces an ache of one sort or another. For some a local bar room “…where everybody knows your name.” Romantically for others, the hearth – a smiling welcome home and warm meal. For too many, increasingly less than a positive thought, best forgotten. But for people of true faith, the place we were made for and long to be.

I pray that you will enjoy my discussion of place, travel and belonging in an interview with my friend and sister in Christ, Lauren Aliyah Jacobs, host of the South Africa-based Voice of Change podcast.

Lauren’s podcast is produced for a millennial audience with deep roots in the Christian faith who are seeking real conversations, answers and real change. Mrs. Jacobs is an award-winning author and social justice journalist. She discusses current social issues and the pressing realities pulling on our world’s conscience today on Radio Cape Pulpit (729 AM), an independent, trans-cultural and trans-denominational media organisation out of Cape Town, South Africa.

Author: Denise S. Armstrong

e teacher. She gratefully enjoys a thirty-years-strong marriage, which has joyfully produced three offspring. Jamaican by birth, Denise's work reflects her family’s cross-cultural journey. She is a blogger in poetry, short-form essays, ethnic sketches and musicals. Her work has also appeared in The Caribbean Writer--a literary publication of the University of the Virgin Islands, on SA Radio Cape Pulpit’s – ‘Voices of Change’, as well as on Jamaican television. She considers herself privileged to be a contributor to one of today’s most exciting online communities of Christian artists—The Cultivating Project. At present, she resides in Europe.

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